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Environment – Securing our future

Our company is inclined to respect all environmental legislation and since many years has set up an internal environmental policy in order to assure the conformance of our products to our clients.

NGK Berylco France is a certified company ISO 14001 and has the will to continuous improvement that all staff actively participates, to control its environmental impacts, to act responsibly, and participate actively in environmental protection present and future. A systematic, precise and rigorous recycling of all waste production such as rebus alloy, oils work, stripping water, cooling water, etc. has been set up.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

The NGK Insulators group is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of beryllium-copper alloys. As such, we have always had a policy to provide our customers with safe and environmentally friendly products, which fully comply with current legislation in order to ensure the sustainability of our services. As a leading manufacturer in Europe, NGK Berylco actively participates in European environmental studies on substances used in our products. NGK’s positive approach to the environment and occupational health and safety begins with its basic corporation philosophy:

"NGK products and technologies must create new value and contribute to the quality of life.”

Through our work in this area, we focus on preserving our natural environment and improving working conditions and we seek to develop solutions to some of the critical challenges facing the next generations.

NGK Berylco aims at continuously improving the working conditions of the staff by promoting safety and health in the workplace.

REACH & RoHS Recycling Environmental Policy EU Directive Recycling

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